Kid Ramos “-” Two Hands One Heart in Stores Now

The re-release of the ’95 Classic West Coast Blues Album is in stores now.  Re-mixed and Re-mastered!

Available at, on iTunes, your favorite local record stores and on our merch page.


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Max Bangwell Benefit = Success!

Max Bangwell


Wow!! What a great day for Max Bangwell!! We’d like to thank everyone that came out and performed, donated, and shared such a special day with Max. There are just too many people to try to thank you all individually, but please know that we thank each and everyone of you..for all that you did!! From the musicians, to the fans, to the friends, to Mike and his crew at Gaslamp Restaurant and Bar, the many volunteers, and all of you made the whole day possible!! Max said he intends to use the money for some much needed cancer therapy, that his ins. just isn’t going to cover. So, please know that all you gave yesterday, $14,000!!..that 100% went directly to Max, and we’re all hoping that the new therapy will be successful for him. He was humbled and grateful for such a great turnout, and the outpouring of love and concern for him. So, again, THANK YOU ALL!! Blues Families are the best!! Keep Bluesin’..~All of us at Rip Cat Records~

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Rip Cat Records is proud to present the re-issue of the Kid Ramos C.D. Two Hands One Heart!!

Release date is April 15,2014!! And rest assured, it’s long awaited re~release is gonna start some fires..burn some speakers..and blow your minds!!

This was my first solo C.D. (1995) and I’ve always wanted to bring it back to life. I think it’s a good representation of where I was at in my life at that time..And I think with the musicans on this album, and the tunes themselves, it stands the test of time. I got to make it with some of the most talented musicians around. And great music is always worth another go round.” ~Kid Ramos~

100% of all proceeds from this album are going directly to Kid Ramos and his Family, to help with his recent battle with cancer.

It will be available for purchase at:
And your favorite local music stores.

“It has been a great pleasure for me to work with one of my heroes, and have the oportunity for Rip Cat Records to help out his family in their time of need with this project” ~Scott Abeyta~Rip Cat Records

“David “Kid” Ramos is a wonderful person; a great musician and blessed with an amazing family. He’s as good a guitar player as could ever be needed, in any situation. If he can think of it..he can play it..with huge tone, ridiculous phrasing and extreme courage. He joined my band in 1980 when he had just turned 21 and stayed with me until he got married in 1988. He has never let me down. We’ve logged millions of miles around the world playing the blues together. I love Kid Ramos..he probably plays on 15 out of my 31 releases because I can always count on him to get what I’m after and be able to figure out how to give it to me. He’s that real deal you always hear about, but rarely see or hear. God bless Kid Ramos and his family!!!!~James Harman~

“I first seen Kid in 1979, at the Golden Bear. He had the highest hair I’d ever seen back then..Haha..but more importantly..he had talent!! A few months later, I had the honor of being present when he auditioned for James Harman, and he had my vote 100%. He deserves all the successes he’s had, and more to come. Kid is not only a world class guitar player, but a world class nice guy. From day one, he’s been one of the nicest men I’ve ever met.”~Junior Watson~

“Kid’s tone, touch and feel on the guitar is amazing. Not only is he a friend, he’s also a Hero to all of us. A true Icon of the Blues.” ~Johnny Main~The 44′s

“Kid Ramos is an Inspiration to every West Coast Blues guitarist out there! This CD show’s his pure genius, a true legend” ~John Clifton~The MoFo Party Band

Kid Ramos is recieving The Lifetime Achievment Award at this years OC Music Awards March 8, 2014. When we spoke, he said he was honored and shocked..but the rest of the music world knows he deserves it, has worked hard for it, and that this award couldn’t go to a anyone more worthy. Congratulations Mr. Ramos!! ~All of us at Rip Cat Records~

kid-ramos-cover CH

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