Rockin Rebels “-” In the Studio

Rockin’ Rebels in Pacifica studio..L.A. today to record their first Rip Cat Records release!! Glenn Nishida and the boss Scott Abeyta at the controls!!
Look for a mid to late summer release date. Or catch em at Doheny Blues Festival for a special pre release sale opportunity!! This is going to be a great stay tuned here for more info.
Rip it up Mark, Eddie, Jerry and Andy!!
~All of us at Rip Cat Records~

rockn rebs


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The Blue Shadows Join The Rip Cat Family

Rip Cat Records is proud and excited to welcome The Blue Shadows as our newest family members!!

In The Blue Shadows line~up are some of the most respected and seasoned members in the Blues community. Javier Matos out front on vocals and guitar, with the original Blasters rhythm section of John Bazz on bass and Bill Bateman on drums.

blueshadowsannouncementpicfinalThey will be recording their first Rip Cat release, as yet untitled, in February at world renowned Pacifica Studios in Los Angeles.

With this inimitable line~up, the new project will follow in the roots of their early influences, as well as the music created by themselves for over four decades.

The Blue Shadows were originally formed by Bill Bateman and featured many legendary musicians such as Lester Butler, Paul Size, the Bartel Brothers (Johnny Ray and Dave Lee), and others.
Javier met Bill after Lester passed and they reformed the band. Javier had his own style with his prewar blues strengths and influences and together they forged a sound on the hardened streets of Hollywood and became part of the LA Sound that included bands like Canned Heat and the Blasters. While applying deep blues to the modern culture of the times, they respected the past..with an eye to the future.

Javier has a lengthy resume, with awards and great reviews throughout his musical career. As once signed with Storyville Records, he worked with, and was produced by none other than one of our other family members, Mr. Barry Levenson. It seems Javier was destined to create music with us.

For a more in-depth look into The Blue Shadows please visit:

Welcome to the family Javier!! And we welcome our continued ancestry with John and Bill!!

~All of us at Rip Cat Records~

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Max Bangwell “-” RIP, we love you

Max BangwellMax Bangwell was our one degree of separation between us and the all time Blues greats. Max knew Muddy, Robert Jr, BB, Buddy, the Alberts, and many many more.

Playing with Max, you knew what it must have felt like playing with the greats, because Max was one of them. The knowledge that he passed on to those of us that had the privilege of playing with him was invaluable and he made us all better. He made us know what it was like to play with Robert Jr, Muddy and those guys. Max would never let you off the hook, if the music was going and you were in over your head, he would push you to the next level. He made us better than we are. Off stage his insight and advice, whether you wanted to hear it or not, was always true.

As a friend, he was one of the most solid, fair, and reliable person I’ve ever known. Funny, intelligent and honorable, wrapped in a cheeky curmudgeoned façade. How often did we hear an exaggerated rant, but when the smoke cleared (the smoke coming out of his ears…) we had to admit he was spot on.

Now as I write this, I can’t fully comprehend how much I will miss him and how much he meant to me, all I can say is that I will never be the same without him and I already miss him more that I can explain.

Goodbye my friend, I will miss you, I love you. Rest in peace.

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