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Max-Bangwell--element54A couple of weeks ago, we got some sad news about our friend Max Bangwell. Although he is still fighting cancer, it has begun to look..well..not look good for him.
A few of us, with the help of Casey Reagan and Ed Kociela set about trying to allow Max to leave us some of his stories and memories.
Casey put the wheels in motion, got the clearance, and stayed with this project throughout this difficult course of events.
Ed spent several hours on several days, interviewing Max by phone..Max in his hometown of Cleveland, living with, and being lovingly cared for by his three sons and family and Ed deep in Mexico living in tropical splendor with his wife Cara.
What you’ll read here exclusively on Blues~E~News online what Max wanted us to know.

And Max also wants everyone to know..”Don’t count me out, I’m going to keep on fighting til whatever happens..but yeah..let’s do this..I’ve got some stories to tell, and things to say.”
To read Max’s memories, so well conveyed by Ed, please go to
After you’ve read Max’s story please check out the two men that made it all happen..for us..but more importantly for our Maxie.
Casey Reagan~Videographer/Editor
Ed Kociela~Acclaimed Author
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Respected Rock Critic…/…/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1…

And a big thank you to Wayne Rinehart~Editor in Chief~Blues E News

Thank you from all of us at
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