On Sale Now! John Clifton – Nightlife

On Nightlife, Clifton ramps up his game by multiple notches, seamlessly translating his onstage blend of West Coast and Chicago Blues, ’50s style hard R&B and Soul, and high energy vintage Rock’n’Roll to the studio for a dozen tracks that sizzle and shake to perfection. “The new record is the live band, the guys who I play with every night,” says Clifton. “So it definitely has more of a live feel to it. These songs have been a part of our live set for some time now, so when we went in and recorded them, we just turned on the tape machine and let it roll.” The album is already being hailed in the US, Europe and Australia as one of the year’s best, and has also begun to appear on blues, roots and rockabilly charts worldwide.

“Nightlife’ is a fine and varied blues album with five original Clifton songs that proves he is an excellent musician / harpist. We look forward to hearing more!“ 


“Nightlife”, is outstanding. The whole thing reeks of fun. Made me smile out loud when I first listened. Hey, Rip Cat Records!!  Youz guys got a winner here.” 



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