In Stores Now! – Black Market III – Dashboard Jesus

Nov 16th Release Date:

With influences ranging from Leadbelly and Lightnin’ Hopkins to Tom Waits and The Black Keys, San Diego, CA based Black Market III presents “Dashboard Jesus”.

“Americana from the heavy end of the CD bin. After a lifetime of exploring the history of the blues, Scottie Blinn and his bandmates turn their explorations to postwar and modern American folk and gospel…with big fat soul-shaking electric guitar!” ~~Joey Harris (vocals/guitar for The Beat Farmers)

For their 5th release, this trio has signed with Rip Cat Records, home to The Blasters, Kid Ramos, The John Clifton Blues Band, and many other relevant bands.  With their RCR debut, “Dashboard Jesus”,  BMIII is ready to take their “soul shaking” sound to a wider audience.



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