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Welcome to the official website of Rip Cat Records we’re stoked that you stopped by! At Rip Cat, it is our goal (and our passion!) to collaborate with high-potential artists and craft fantastic, ambitious albums epitomizing the best of Blues, R&B, Rockabilly and Soul. We’re equally dedicated to quality and to creating hit records; above all we strive to create the opportunity for artists to begin touring and take their careers to the next level.

On the edge of your seat with bated breath and want to know more? Yeah, we thought so. Check out the artists we currently represent, featuring a vibrant and eclectic collection of the most exciting artists on the scene today!

Our Story

Rip Cat Records is the brainchild of Scott Abeyta, former guitarist for Whiteboy James and the Blues Express, currently playing with John Clifton. The label was founded in 2010, at a pivotal moment in time when the crucial need for an entry-level blues record company became clear.  Rip Cat Records™ is a catalyst for motivating artists to work together toward a common goal by sharing knowledge, resources and experience in the music industry.

Our passion for blues was born on the late 80s/early 90s blues scene in Southern California, namely Long Beach.  At that time you could go out any night of the week and see blues greats like William Clark, James Harman, Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, Luke and The Locomotives, The Pontiax, Coco Montoya, Debbie Davis and the Paladins — to name just a few. On the weekends one could consistently find a blues legend touring through SoCal. The music and fans boasted an energy that is still widely reminisced about today.

It is Rip Cat Records™ aspiration to create recordings imbued with the passionate, rich soul that defines the tapestry of the blues — recordings that will generate the same rush of adrenaline and euphoria you felt the day you put the needle down on Extra Napkins and heard It’s Alright Now for the first time.

Mission Statement

At Rip Cat Records, it is our passion and purpose to collaborate with high-potential artists to create fantastic, ambitious albums.

We work directly and extensively with each artist to create their desired personal brand. A particularly notable feature of our process is developing a comprehensive and in-depth marketing package to assist in each artist/band’s promotional success.

Creating the opportunity for artists to begin touring and take their careers to the next level is more than just a business to us — we consider our clients part of the Rip Cat family; assisting in fulfilling their goals is of paramount importance to us.  Rip Cat is tenaciously dedicated to promoting the blues scene and expanding gig opportunities for all blues artists.


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