Whiteboy James & The Blues Express: Extreme Makeover CD

Whiteboy James - Extreme Makeover Extreme Makeover is the stirring updated version of the band’s self-titled debut album from 1992, which had James and Scott teamed with a different drummer and bass player. James’s one-in-a-million big voice, edged with withering wit and soaked in unadulterated raw feeling, mixes well with the channeled exuberance of his friends on new treatments of Extreme Makeover’s 10 time-tested original songs—one highlight is the raging-fire, proto-rock’ n’ roll rave “Gold Brick Bar.” Also present on the new release are two additional tracks: a spirited arrangement of the Willie Dixon classic “I’m Ready” and a revival of “Zerg, Shotgun & You,” a wicked countrified blues with James trying on Johnny Cash’s Stetson.

Throughout Extreme Makeover, James grounds all of his singing and his occasional harp playing in real experience. The man in the trench coat doesn’t so much lacerate his heart as rip it apart.

15.00 USD

Whiteboy James and the Blues Express - Extreme Makeover



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