Music | Johnny & Jaalene

19-year-old singer, guitarist Johnny Ramos is making the scene all over Orange County, LA and beach cities alike. Even hitting Viva Las Vegas this year, and making

quite a splash. As son of Blues guitarist Kid Ramos, Johnny has been surrounded by music all of his life. From Blues to Rock, Jazz, Rockabilly, Punk, Disco, even Classical and Broadway. He has been living a musical life since he was in the womb. When he was young, Johnny started o with the piano. Then he was old enough, dad (Kid Ramos) handed him his very first guitar, never to be put down again. The handsome 19-year-old actor/choirboy musician is tearing up the music scene with his blues and roots/rockabilly band, Johnny & Jaalene. His super talented co-front girl Jaalene DeLeon is the 16-year-old b

eauty from Anahiem CA, Who sings like a bird and looks like a doll. Jaalene is a theater girl and choir student turned rockabilly diva, given the moniker “The Queen Of the Teens.” Jaalene has played many a lead role in musical theater, before joining Johnny with her timeless voice. She has won first place in many singing competitions and performed the national anthem for for a variety of prestigious events.

Their debut album, “Johnny & Jaalene” on Rip Cat Records Features Kid Ramos, Tommy Harkenrider, Brent Harding, and Kip Dabbs. The best of the best of the SoCal music scene. This album has 12 songs featuring Roots, Rockabilly, Chicano Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Americana. The future holds many great things for these two rising Mexican-American teen idols.



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