Music | Rockin Rebels “-” Road Trip

The Rockin’ Rebels are dedicated to playing Traditional American Music and their ROAD TRIP CD is a blend of various musical styles from across the USA.  It ranges from the Jump Swing sounds of the West Coast, to Rockin Texas Blues, to New Orleans Jazz, to Memphis Rockabilly and down home Nashville Bluegrass. This CD features 11 new Rockin’ Rebels songs penned by original members Ed Hill & Mark Liddell . Road Trip - Cover Art

Special guests include Kid Ramos on guitar, Taryn Donath on keyboards, Albert Margolis on the Hammond B3 and  Daniel Blank on fiddle. The Rockin’ Rebels have been together over 35 years and released seven LPs.  Countless rockabilly bands all over the world have recorded their music.  ROAD TRIP,a Rip Cat Records production,  is a Hi Octane recording, one not to be missed.



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