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The Rip Cat Family

We are pleased to present the Rip Cat Family! Our artists run the gambit between unknown, super-talented newcomers to living legends, all with one fundamental philosophy in common: an exciting, high energy and vibrantly riveting approach to playing the blues!

The works compiled here feature our signature artists, of course, but you will also find plenty of special guest appearances by colleagues and friends (and we have some cool friends!) to intrigue and entertain you.

Black Market III

Bob Frank

The Blasters

Kid Ramos

Jade Bennett

Orphan Jon and the Abandoned

Alastair Greene

The Blue Shadows

The 44’s 

Ted Z and the Wranglers

John Clifton

Barry Levenson

Johnny Mastro and Mama’s Boys

Blue Lunch

Gino Matteo

Whiteboy James and the Blues Express

Lynwood Slim

Lisa Cee

Ron Dziubla

KK Martin


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