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Little Barry GLittle Barry G. was born in New York City on February 13th, 1958. We’ll let him tell you about his background in his own words:

“Music was always being played in my household, growing up. The music that I grew up with was everything from big band to Latin jazz, blues, R&B, movie scores, rock ’n roll, and oldies.

“I was influenced by the environment and took up playing the drums as my first instrument. After suffering a fall from a second story window and breaking my right arm, I took up playing the harmonica. I have been playing the harmonica on and off for most of my ’teens. It wasn’t until I came to Southern California in October of 1976 that I started to get serious about playing the harp and listening to the blues and going to blues concerts. I was influenced by the greats – Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson {1-2},Jimmy Reed, T-Bone Walker, Lester Butler, William Clark, George “Harmonica” Smith, Howlin’ Wolf, and Muddy [Waters] of course…and so many more.

“My first pro gig here in California was with Randy Stonehill. Randy is one of Christian music’s biggest stars. I worked with Randy and producer Barry Miller Kaye on a sweet little chromatic number called ‘Angry Young Men’. The album Love Beyond Reason was nominated for a Grammy in 1985.

“The inimitable Finis Tasby was one of the first blues men to take me out on the road. Finis took me to San Francisco to play at the Boom Boom Room. From that day on, Little Barry G. was making his mark in the California blues world.

“The list of people that I have played with is very impressive; some of the greatest blues players in the world – just to name a few:  Finis Tasby, James Harman, Curtis Salgado, Tommy Castro, Kenny Neal, Rick Reed, John Marx, Johnny Mastro, Victor Crain, Joe Houston, Kid Ramos, Smoking Joe Kubek, Chris Duarte, Lee Oscar and so many more.

“Now I have put together a great new band, ‘BARRY G -n- GREASE FIRE’, and we are rocking all over the place. Should be out near you soon. I have been the leader of a few other wonderful little bands that did very well around the Southland and around the country. The first band was ‘Little Barry G. and The Blues Merchants’ and the second was ‘Blue Jelly’.  My groups have all been rocking and swinging bands that made people jump and dance and shout out loud!

“I also played and toured with my red hot, house rockin’ band “Little Barry G. & Voodoo Blues”. This band toured nonstop from 2004-2008. We played small clubs right up to huge blues festival stages (and we sounded awesome on either!)  We still play Sturgis, South Dakota every year for Sturgis Bike Week. So if I see you at a show, please come up and say hello to me and the band!”

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